Publish your work

In research, publishing and presenting your work is almost equally important as the experiment itself. Visual images can explain your findings much more clearly than words. That is why you can export both heatmaps and track images at high resolution from EthoVision XT. 


A heatmap gives you an intuitive and unique view of your data. You can see how the animal spent its time during the test in one glance and you can adjust your heatmap in many different ways. For example, show data from individuals, or from treatment groups. You can select the data (in the data profile) by, for example, showing the animal’s position only when a specific behavior was executed. 

Besides choosing how the data is represented in the heatmaps, you can adjust the size of the blob, to make it better match the size of your animal . You can also choose text and arena overlays, for example, showing group names, trial numbers, and the border of the testing arena and zones of interest… or not. Finally, you can adjust the color of the background and the color range of the heatmaps.  

You can export heatmaps at high resolution (max 5120 x 3840 pixels for individual images) and export all maps as one image file or separate files. 

Track visualization

Track visualization shows you the actual path of your animal during the test. Again, you can choose the data you want to see in this visualization, for example by selecting a specific data profile. By adjusting the color range and selecting an independent variable, you can add more visual information, such as having the line turns from yellow (low speed) to red (high speed) according to velocity. 

Similar to heatmaps, tracks can be exported in high resolution.