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Working from home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many users of EthoVision XT are currently facing lab closures and have to work from home. Perhaps you weren’t able to collect your USB license key before your lab was closed, or there are more EthoVision XT users than license keys in your lab. We can imagine you want to keep research projects going by continuing your video tracking and/or data analysis work remotely. So here are a couple of options that can be of help in your home office.

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Run analysis without your USB license key

If you have track files that need to be analyzed, please note that the analysis functions in EthoVision XT do not require a USB license key (dongle), you can run your analyses at home without the USB key attached. If you haven’t got the EthoVision XT software on your home computer, you can download it from MyNoldus. If you have not used MyNoldus before, first create an account with the registration code that has been mailed to you or the registered user.


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Video tracking via remote desktop

In case you have video files that need to be processed by EthoVision XT (i.e. video tracking, activity analysis), you normally need the USB license key (dongle) plugged into your computer. If you cannot obtain the dongle from your lab facility, we advise you to use TightVNC, a freeware utility with which you can see the desktop of a remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard, as if you are sitting in front of that computer. If you need instructions for setting this up, please get in touch with us.


Free licenses and educational materials for teachers

If you are a teacher, the trial license of EthoVision XT can be a solution to facilitate your animal behavior class. Dr. Jocelien Olivier uses this feature to teach video tracking and behavior analysis to large groups of students in her behavioral neuroscience class. You can use these materials for online classes. Request a download of her educational materials and the EthoVision XT licenses.

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Refresh your knowledge

This may be good time to refresh your knowledge of EthoVision XT and familiarize yourself with the latest version. We are offering a free one-hour remote training to all users with a current NoldusCare subscription. Contact us now to take advantage of this offer!


Stay healthy!

For general tips about staying healthy while working at home, read this article by our consultant Jason Rogers: Working from home strategies.


Connect with other users

Join the EthoVision XT LinkedIn User Group to share experiences with other users of EthoVision XT, to get tips on how to use the product, share best practices or simply ask a quick question.