BNA 2019 - Festival of Neuroscience

Join us in Dublin, 14-17 April, for the 2019 Festival of Neuroscience organized by the British Neuroscience Association. With symposium topics ranging from attention, sensory and motor systems, learning and memory, to neurodegenerative disorders and ageing, it promises to be an exciting, diverse and stimulating event.

Meet Noldus at BNA 2019

Please visit us in booth 24 for a demonstration of the latest innovative tools for human and animal behavioral research, including:

  • DanioVision, our integrated system for automated high-throughput screening of zebrafish behavior in drug discovery, safety pharmacology, behavioral genetics, chronobiology and other research areas. The observation chamber can be extended with temperature control, visible and infrared light stimuli, optogenetics, tactile stimuli, and more! EthoVision XT takes care of the experiment control, video tracking and data analysis.
  • EthoVision XT, our flagship video tracking system for automation of behavioral tests, used in thousands of laboratories worldwide. Version 14.1, the latest release, offers a wealth of new features, including support for USB and IP cameras, customizable statistics table layout, improved analysis of behavioral states, and easier design of trial protocols.

We look forward to meeting you in Dublin. For more information on our products prior to the beginning of this festival, please contact us at your convenience.


Sunday, 14 April, 2019 to Wednesday, 17 April, 2019
Dublin, Ireland