HFES 2018 - Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 62nd Annual Meeting

Join us at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, in Philadelphia, PA, USA. We look forward to meeting you, come visit us in booth 5!

Your research is unique, so are your lab requirements. Noldus offers lab solutions to record video, emotions, eye movements, heart rate, skin conductance, behavior, and more. Software such as The Observer XT, FaceReader, and Viso the new multi-room, multi-video recording suite, are just a few examples of components we can integrate.

Complete solutions for your behavioral research

We build high-tech and customized turn-key labs to fit your research needs. Controlled conditions, high-quality video material, screen captures, and fully integrated equipment and software help you make your test as realistic as possible. We can assist you at every stage of your project, from the set up of your lab to the interpretation of the results. 

To give you an idea of which labs we have designed together with our customers, you can read several stories here.

Observation made simple with The Observer XT

The Observer XT is our professional and user-friendly software package for the collection, analysis, and presentation of observational data. It gives you the ability to code behavior any way you want and obtain accurate results which are ready for analysis. External data, such as heart rate, facial expressions, and eye tracking data can easily be integrated.

The Observer XT

Try The Observer XT for yourself

Request a FREE trial and see for yourself how easy behavioral research can be!

  • Work faster by automating tedious repeating tasks
  • Reduce costs by achieving more with less people
  • Get better data by using The Observer XT’s powerful analysis options
Monday, 1 October, 2018 to Friday, 5 October, 2018
Philadelphia, PA, USA