21st Australia and New Zealand Zebrafish Meeting

Mooloolaba Beach sunset

We at Noldus are excited to meet you all at the 21st Australia and New Zealand Zebrafish Meeting this coming February. The venue for this meeting is the Mantra Mooloolaba beach resort. So, we can look at the ocean while learning and discussing about zebrafish. 

Together with our partner SDR scientific, we will be present at the conference to aid you in your zebrafish research. We hope to see you there!



Standardize your testing with the aid of DanioVision. DanioVision is a complete tool to facilitate high-throughput tracking of not only zebrafish, but also other small organisms. With various add-ons you can customize and optimize for your particular research.

  DanioVision unit  


Ethovision Daniovision zebrafish tracking

EthoVision XT

The most versatile system for accurate tracking of movement, activity and behavior. EthoVision XT has a specialized algorithm for zebrafish, which can track multiple body points, and provides accurate swimming path and pattern data.   




Do you want to measure behavioral and physiological parameters in zebrafish larvae? Then you need DanioScope! 

DanioScope is a non-invasive way to automatically measure behaviors like tail coiling and convulsions. Furthermore, DanioScope can assess the heartbeat, blood flow and gut flow activity in the larvae. Lastly, DanioScope can use still images to monitor morphological parameters like body length, eye size and malformations. 

DanioScope larvae integrated image  


We look forward to seeing you in Australia.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to your zebrafish research!


12th February to 15th February 2023
Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland