Beyond the Familial: The Development of Emotional Communication with Mothers, Fathers, and Strangers

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In this webinar, Eliala Salvadori, MSc will discuss her research involving infants and the complex communication strategies they use to interact with their parents and with strangers. 

Date | 13 October 2022

Time | 5:00pm CET / 11:00am ET

Duration | 60 minutes


Interaction with unfamiliar partners is a component of social life from infancy onward. Yet little is known about preverbal communication with strangers. In this webinar, Eliala will discuss her research involving infants and the complex communication strategies they use to interact with their parents and with strangers.

This particular study compared the development of infant communication with strangers to communication with mothers and fathers and examined the contribution of temperament to partner-specific communication patterns. Her research suggests that infant emotional communication patterns are modulated by individual temperamental differences and are reproduced in and over time, though at different levels, when interacting with novel partners.


Key topics include:

  • The patterns of similarities and differences between infant preverbal communication with strangers and each parent
  • The role of temperament in priming, and mitigating, communication behaviors as early as in the first half-year of life
  • Methodological procedures to observe social interactions in familiar and ecologically valid settings like the family’s home
  • The pros and cons of employing manual microanalytic coding systems of behavior to measure emotional communication in infancy
  • New directions into validating automated coding systems of facial expressions suitable for a few months old infants.

Eliala Alice Salvadori MSc

Eliala Alice Salvadori, MSc

PhD Researcher
Developmental Psychopathology Unit, Research Institute of Child Development and Education, University of Amsterdam

Eliala A. Salvadori, MSc, is a PhD Researcher in Child Development at the University of Amsterdam. She researches, writes, teaches, and advocates about Social-Emotional Development in the first years of life. Her research has been funded by the Dutch Research Council, Talent Scheme. Her backgrounds are in Developmental Psychology and Quantitative Statistics.


Jason Rogers, PhD

Senior Research Scientist
Noldus Information Technology

Jason Rogers is a Senior Research Scientist at Noldus Information Technology. He has a doctorate in psychology with a focus on the neurobiology of learning and memory. Jason joined Noldus in 2008 as Application Specialist and lead trainer. Since then, he has given hundreds of training courses and presentations around the world.

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13th October 2022
Virtual meeting

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