Measuring Behavior 2022 Virtual

For the first time Measuring Behavior will go virtual. From 18-20 May, Measuring Behavior will allow delegates to access and participate in all events, including Plenary and Special Lectures, symposia, poster sessions, exhibition, and networking. 

Noldus Information Technology will host a virtual booth during Measuring Behavior. Find out what we will be displaying!

Measuring Behavior is the stage for the latest inventions, prototypes, and techniques in behavioral research. It is the premier event for scientists and practitioners involved in behavioral research, and focusses on methods, techniques, and tools in human and animal behavioral research.


Meet Noldus at Measuring Behavior

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

12:35-12:45 | Lucas Noldus
Introduction Symposium - Automatic behavior recognition in rodents: how new technology moves the field forward

13:15-13:30 | Elsbeth van Dam & Lucas Noldus
Deep learning systems for automated rodent behavior recognition systems suffer from observer bias: Time to raise the bar


Thursday, May 19, 2022

11:45-12:00 | Jason Rogers | Ethnicity & FaceReader 9 - A Fair Face Case Study

13:00-13:30 | Jason Rogers | Building A Behavioral Core

14:30-14:45 | Albert Willemsen | Commercial demonstration - EthoVision XT 17

14:55-15:15 | Wil van Dommelen | Workshop - Measurement Tools for Food Consumer Science - Emerging Measures

15:45-16:16 | Matt Feltenstein | Tutorial - Tips and Tricks in EthoVision XT: Insights into the Unknowns


The Observer XT on screen

The Observer XT

The Observer XT is the most complete software for behavioral research. Supporting you from coding behaviors on a timeline and unraveling the sequence of events to integrating different data modalities in a complete lab.

It is the ideal tool for many researchers because it saves you time scoring behaviors and it allows you to synchronize and analyze multiple signals (video, audio, physiology, etc) all together.


overview ethovision fixed

EthoVision XT

EthoVision XT is the most widely applied video tracking software that tracks and analyzes the behavior, movement, and activity of any animal. Over the last 25 years, EthoVision XT has evolved from video tracking software into a software platform. 


Experience this interactive conference direct from your desktop or mobile device and meet Noldus in the virtual booth!



18th May to 20th May 2022
Virtual meeting