Technical briefing

Data analysis, organization, and visualization in EthoVision XT and Microsoft Excel

In short

In 45 minutes you will learn more about the typical workflow in EthoVision XT. Learn how you can select, analyze, organize and export your data! The Noldus Trainer Wilant van Giessen will show you the software and guide you through with tips and tricks.

Attendance of this Noldus Webinar is FREE but limited to 500 attendees, so please sign up as soon as you can. Feel absolutely free to share this invitation with colleagues who may be interested. 

This technical briefing is a webinar course organized for EthoVision XT users, but you're welcome to join if you don't use EthoVision XT yet just to get an idea of how the program could work for you.  

EthoVision XT education laptop students

Date | 2 February 2021

Time | 4pm CET (Amsterdam) / 10am EST (Washington DC)

Duration | 45 minutes

Audience | Users of EthoVision XT and anyone interested in starting to use EthoVision XT. 



What you will learn

This Noldus Webinar is all about data analysis, organization, and visualization in EthoVision XT and Microsoft Excel. Wilant van Giessen will show you the typical workflow in EthoVision XT:

  • Trial List - Crucial for optimal data analysis
  • Data Profiles - Select the part of the data you want to analyze
  • Analysis Profiles - Select parameters and their statistics
  • Integrated Visualization - Examine the effects of Data and Analysis Profiles
  • Statistics & Charts - Organize your data and export it to Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Excel - Use Filters and Pivot Tables to organize and analyze your results
  • Charts, Graphs, and Heatmaps - Visualizing and presenting your results


Wilant van Giessen received his MSc in Entomology from Wageningen University in The Netherlands, with stints in London and Georgia (US).  After working in a USDA research lab in Charleston, SC, he moved to Asheville where he has worked for Noldus for the last 20 years, first in Sales, then in Tech Support and Training

Wilant van Giessen


2nd February 2021
Virtual meeting