UX Sofia 2020

10th Edition of this UX design & Usability Conference

Noldus is excited to be present at the online edition UX Sofia 2020. Join us online and come and find out what we have to offer for your UX research! UX research focuses on discovering and understanding behaviors, needs, and motivations of users through observation, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies. 

Noldus provides both UX testing tools and complete user experience labs.


Wouter van de Velde

Wouter works as a representative for Noldus. After 4 cups of coffee he is able to answer questions evolving usability, psychology, sales and emotions. Combining his love for UX and psychology, Wouter loves to close the gap between both topics and provide you with valuable insights. Having spoken on several UX conferences in 2019, he is now eager to share his findings on UX Sofia.


Abstract of his presentation

Have you ever wondered what the person in front of you is thinking? How do they perceive the new website you created? Do they like the offer you gave them? Is my website UX-proof?

In this day and age, we get captured more on video than ever before, and this is only growing. In this talk, I will explain to you how this works, and how you can use it in your advantage, without manipulating people. Find out if your customers are happy with the new website, or if the UX of your website is good or not. Get unbiased insights into the methods and the psychology behind measuring emotions.



17th November to 20th November 2020
Virtual meeting