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Technical briefing: Behavioral coding - Designing optimal coding schemes in The Observer XT

This technical briefing will teach you how to design and optimize coding schemes in The Observer XT (human behavior / animal behavior). Registration for this webinar is free, but don't wait, because we only have 100 seats available.

  • DateFriday, 7 August, 2020
  • Times: 4pm CEST (Amsterdam) and 4pm EDT (Washington DC) 
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Cost: Free!

In this Noldus Webinar, we will show you how to create coding schemes that allow you to reach your behavioral endpoints but, at the same time, are clear enough for efficient and reliable coding.



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Creating an optimal coding scheme in The Observer XT is not a trivial task.  When you create a new project you start with a blank sheet. It is a double edged sword: You get maximum flexibility, but it’s completely up to you as to what goes where.

How you pick and choose coding scheme elements and organize them will have a profound effect on ease of coding and inter-rater reliability AND how much power and flexibility you’ll have once you start analyzing and visualizing all those observations. 

In this technical briefing, Wilant van Giessen will show you how to approach setting up and optimizing Observer coding schemes.


About the presenter

Wilant van Giessen received his MSc in Entomology from Wageningen University in The Netherlands, with stints in London and Georgia (US).  After working in a USDA research lab in Charleston, SC, he moved to Asheville where he has worked for Noldus for the last 20 years, first in Sales, then in Tech Support and Training.

Wilant van Giessen


7th August 2020
Virtual meeting