Technical Briefing: How to use the Track Editor in EthoVision XT

This webinar is aimed at novice but also more experienced EthoVision users who want to take advantage of all the possibilities the Track Editor offers. 

Registration is free, but don't wait, because we only have 500 seats available.

Date | 29 October 2020

Time | 4pm CEST (Amsterdam) & 4pm EDT (Washington DC)



white mouse on a white gloved hand


In an ideal EthoVision world, there would be no need for the Track Editor. All samples would stay perfectly on the correct body points, there would be no nose-tail swaps and multiple animals in the same arena would never swap identities. In an almost ideal world, one can take measures to improve tracking quality by optimizing light conditions, Trial Control or Detection Settings, for example. However, if tracking issues still occur, the Track Editor is a useful tool to correct errors.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The main causes of tracking issues.
  • What you can use the Track Editor for.
  • How to use the Track Editor.

About the presenter

Patrick H. Zimmerman, PhD / Biologist and trainer & behavior research consultant at Noldus Information Technology.

Patrick has been with Noldus for over 15 years. He has extensive experience in the study of human behavior and psychology. His special interest is in human emotions and how to measure them.

Patrick Zimmerman


29th October 2020
Virtual meeting