What's In A Face: Project Analysis Module and Custom Expressions in FaceReader 9

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In this webinar, Dr Jason Rogers will demonstrate the updated features of FaceReader 9, including the new Project Analysis Module and Custom Expressions.

We will learn about how to measure individual facial muscles, called Action Units. In addition, we will learn how to analyze data and create custom expressions that allow researchers to go beyond the ‘basic’ emotions. This webinar will be beneficial for anyone interested in measuring and analyzing facial expression data.

Date | Thursday, 27 May 2021

Time | 10:00 am EDT / 4:00 pm CEST



Project Analysis and Custom Expressions

With the release of FaceReader 9, analyzing facial expression data will take a monumental leap forward. In this webinar, we will go beyond the ‘basic’ expressions of sad, happy, etc, and begin to look at individual facial muscles, called Action Units (AUs). 

These AUs can be combined to analyze your own particular expressions, such as startle, pain, confusion, or interest. In addition, we will demonstrate the features of the Project Analysis Module, namely the ability to analyze and visualize AUs, event markers, and custom expression data. 

Previous knowledge of FaceReader or analyzing facial expressions is not necessary! This webinar is for anyone interested in facial AUs and expressions, as well as how to analyze data for richer, deeper, and faster insights.


Speaker: Jason Rogers, Ph.D.

Jason Rogers is a Senior Research Scientist at Noldus Information Technology. He earned his doctorate from the University of Utah in the neurobiology of learning and memory. In addition to his academic experience, Jason worked for a neuromarketing firm in the CPG space, as well as in qual and quant branding research. 

Jason is an expert in FaceReader and has written several blogs related to analyzing facial expressions. Jason currently lives in Cincinnati, OH.

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27th May 2021
Virtual meeting