Eye trackers

Eye tracking

Eye trackers add substantial power to your lab set-up. They produce gaze path video and large quantities of rich data, all related to attention and emotion. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge.

  • See what your test participant is looking at, and is not looking at

  • Understand users' intentions

  • Easy to use, completely integrated system

Eye tracking

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Eye trackers

Eye trackers add substantial power to your lab set-up. They produce gaze path video and large quantities of rich data, all related to attention and emotion. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge: as we often integrate eye trackers into stationary as well as portable set-ups, we can help you find the eye tracker that works best for you. Noldus will assist you in the process from start to finish, including lab installation, training your team and setting up experiments, and creating custom scenarios.


Tobii laptop eye tracking

Benefits of eye tracking

  • See what your test participant is looking at, and is not looking at, or missing during interaction
  • Get rich, quantitative, and reliable data for attention, mental load, and arousal
  • Combine eye tracking videos and other sources like FaceReader™ or data acquisition systems with The Observer® XT
  • Benefit from a completely integrated system

Eye tracking glasses

A head mounted eye- and gaze tracker consists of lightweight glasses with a built-in eye tracker and video camera. It allows your test participant to move and look around freely, while you, the researcher, get to see a complete video of your test participant’s view with gaze point overlay. 

Due to their sleek and subtle design, eye-tracking glasses are ideal to analyze everyday activities like walking around in a shopping mall in order to understand consumer buying behavior.

Wearable eye-tracking Tobii

Screen-based and desktop eye trackers

Stationary eye trackers are ideal for observing the test participant’s gaze on a computer screen. Built into or attached to computer monitors, these hands-free devices are widely used for Human-Computer Interaction research, usability testing, psycholinguistics, medical simulation, and market research. 

While all computer-monitor eye trackers can do screen capture and overlay the gaze track, some trackers even allow you to see this data in real time. After importing the videos to The Observer XT, you can analyze the test participant’s views as behavioral data, and synchronize this information with manually recorded behavior, physiological data, and facial expressions.


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How to build an AV-Lab

An AudioVisual lab is designed to allow you to observe your test participants unobtrusively. Add eye tracking data streams to get a wealth of information about where your participant is focusing on.

Would you like to learn more about how to build an AV lab? Check out this ‘how to’ guide! You can rely on our many years of experience with building labs all over the world to provide you with the perfect tips & tricks!


Remote and flexible eye tracking

If you are interested in your test participant’s response to marketing stimuli like posters and product displays, you can use a remote, contact-free eye tracker. This setup provides you with data such as area of interest, pupil dilation, number of blinks, and gaze position. The gaze path can also be overlaid on a picture.

woman with tobii eye trackers in a supermarket
tobii heatmap of eye tracking in a supermarket

Integrate and sync all of your data

Only when data are in sync can a researcher of human behavior draw the proper conclusions. You can sync multiple data streams, including your eye-tracking data, with Noldus' tools. 

The Observer XT is a multi-functional platform: Ideal for video analysis, recording behavioral context, and synchronization of eye movements and behavior. Use The Observer XT to combine all your videos with data gathered using other software or hardware such as FaceReader or physiological measurement systems

No manual synchronization required – a Noldus setup allows you to complete your studies accurately and efficiently without needing to worry about integration. 


Customer quote

"The technical support and product knowledge of Noldus' staff is superior and platinum standard. Their commitment to helping customers troubleshoot software and hardware problems and their persistance in making sure a solution is found, is the reason labs like my own go to them for software and hardware"

Dr. S. Bonasera|University of Nebraska, USA


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