Benefits & features

  • Quick and thorough

    Whether you are a UX designer looking for quick insights in emotions or a researcher that needs a validated data analysis of facial expressions, FaceReader provides it within one tool.

  • Instant results

    Emotion data is analyzed immediately in FaceReader, thus saving you valuable time, and money.

  • Tried & tested: Premier software tool for facial analysis

    According to a recent validation study, FaceReader 6 shows the best performance out of the major software tools for emotion classification currently available, with an average of 88% [1]. FaceReader 8.1 achieves an even higher score, with 96% [2].

    FaceReader Premier software tool for facial analysis
  • Unobtrusive observations

    As FaceReader only requires a webcam and the easy-to-use software needs no calibration, emotions of test participants are measured unobtrusively.

  • Detailed facial expressions with Action Units

    Action Units are muscle groups in the face that are responsible for facial expressions. This unique feature in FaceReader distinguishes the intensity of the active muscles at the left and the right side of the face separately. A valuable addition to your facial expression analysis.

  • Create custom expressions

    You can design your own algorithms for analysis of workload, pain, embarrassment, and infinitely more by combining variables such as facial expressions, Action Units, and heart rate.

  • No bias

    The primary reactions of test subjects are recorded, without any bias. Person-specific biases can be calibrated automatically.

  • Unique features and benefits

    With FaceReader you get many unique features and benefits for the recognition and analysis of facial expressions. From creating your own custom expressions to automatically measure facial expressions in infants.

    Baby Facereader Premier software tool for facial analysis
  • Remote measurement with FaceReader Online

    Easily incorporate online facial expression analysis service in your market research with FaceReader Online.

  • Easy integration with other programs

    FaceReader data can be exported to other programs. Also, FaceReader works perfectly with The Observer XT, creating an integrated solution to study behavior, emotions, and physiological responses.

  • Create your own flexible dashboard

    In FaceReader 8.1 it is now possible to create your own Reporting Display, allowing your own flexible dashboard and personalized view.

  • Most cited

    FaceReader is by far the most cited facial expression recognition software in more than 1250 peer-reviewed publications since 2005 [3].


FaceReader Premier software tool for facial analysis

FaceReader is used in nearly 1,300 publications!



  1. Stöckli, S.; Schulte-Mecklenbeck, M.; Borer, S. & Samson, A.C. (2018) Facial expression analysis with AFFDEX and FACET: A validation study. Behavior Research Methods, 50 (4), 1446-1460.
  2. The average performance of FaceReader 8.1 was measured with the dataset ADFES.
  3. Google Scholar
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