Expression Analysis in Digital Signage

In order to succeed and grow in retail, a customer centered approach is a must. Understanding each step of the customer journey is extremely important, but it is also more challenging than ever. Knowing and understanding your customers in real-time will help you predict and react efficiently to the constantly changing shopping environment. FaceReader can help you analyzing the response of your customers. An example of such a solution is VicarAnalytics.

Track - Monitor - Monetize

VicarAnalytics offers an innovative solution to track, monitor and monetize real-life and real-time behavior of customers. It gives retailers insights into detailed customer demographics and customer behavior. VicarAnalytics delivers customer insights, such as demographics and engagement. It can also help you to automatically adapt content to customers’ demographics and emotions in real-time.

How does it work?

A number of sensors is placed at several locations in a store, for example at a new product, poster or digital screen. The sensors are connected to a computer system, which is equipped with advanced face analysis software that computes visitor profiles in real time. The software measures amongst others age, gender, emotion, attention, interaction time, hesitation, and it counts the amount of people.

The output is available on an online dashboard, all statistics can be exported to a .csv file. You can also visualize your results and create your own comparisons using collected statistics. 

VicarAnalytics is designed by VicarVision. It is one of the tools used by Noldus Consulting to help you gain insight into your visitor behavior.