FaceReader Online

FaceReader Online delivers you direct insight into user responses – such as joy, sadness, or arousal. It is the ideal online tool for expression analysis.

Easily incorporate it in your observational and market research to get insight into human behavior. Capturing emotions by analyzing facial expressions offers additional and objective insights into the impact, appreciation, liking, and disliking of products, mobile apps, websites, commercials, movie trailers, and so on.


Continue your market research remotely with FaceReader Online

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are currently facing lab closures and have to work from home, trying to keep research projects going. Do you need to gain insight into consumer behavior and user experience but cannot invite test participants for face-to-face tests? With FaceReader Online you can test appreciation or impact remotely while participants can stay at home, allowing you to incorporate a much larger number of participants and still get direct insight into user responses.



  • Based on proven facial expression analysis technology
  • Integrate in your favorite survey tool
  • Invite participants from all over the world
  • Results the same day
  • Access to project results at both the individual and group level
  • Cost efficient pay per use model
  • On-site, at home testing: test participants are free to complete the survey wherever and whenever they like until the deadline has passed or the max number of participants is reached

Customer quote

FaceReader is a good instrument helping to detect emotional reactions on commercials besides what people say.



Deepen your knowledge with FaceReader Online

FaceReader Online allows you to capture responses to websites or videos. Easily see which video or website element triggers the desired responses.

FaceReader Online is based on FaceReader that is used at over 1000 sites worldwide, with the advantage that this version runs online on a cloud server and does not need any on-site installation. This means that you can test appreciation or impact on-site while participants can stay at home, allowing you to incorporate a much larger number of participants. FaceReader Online is not built by or related to one specific market research company; we offer an independent service.

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FaceReader Online is the ideal online tool for expression analysis

Quick and easy

In FaceReader Online, you can create a hyperlink which you can send to participants using your favorite survey tool. The participants will watch your video(s) at a time convenient to them while you wait for the response. FaceReader then automatically analyzes the video(s) after which you can interpret the results and present your findings to your client. Moreover, using FaceReader Online you can ask questions (likert scale, multiple choice, open) and measure the facial expressions while your test participant answers these questions.


How it works

  • Define your project from behind your own desk by launching www.facereader-online.com. FaceReader Online will guide you through the entire project setup making your UX or market research effective and efficient. Setting up your project is as simple as uploading the video files or selecting the URLs you wish to evaluate.
  • Simply invite your participants with a personalized invitation by email to participate in a remote survey, possibly including questions defined in FaceReader Online or your own survey software, such as Qualtrics. FaceReader Online makes use of the biggest advantage of on-site, at home testing: test participants are free to complete the survey wherever and whenever they like until the deadline has passed or the max number of participants is reached.
  • Immediately view your results via an extensive dashboard in FaceReader Online. All recorded videos are automatically safely stored and analyzed in the cloud and results usually become available just minutes after the participant has finished the recording. Once you are satisfied with the amount and quality of the responses, you can download the results as a single archive file.
    Bonus! When testing websites FaceReader Online will automatically create a screen capture of your participants interface.
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FaceReader or FaceReader Online?

When you want to ask many participants on different locations to participate in your survey, FaceReader Online is the ideal solution. FaceReader Online is a cloud-based solution, based on Microsoft Azure architecture offering you a safe, scalable, and reliable solution.

When you are working in a lab facility, you can use FaceReader on your own PC with a camera to collect and analyze data. 

The choice is yours. The main advantage of FaceReader Online is that it supports your online research needs and is more flexible in space and time. The combination is ideal. Simply create a pilot experiment in FaceReader Online before inviting participants to the lab.

Contact us now to start using FaceReader Online. 


FaceReader Online is developed by Human Insight Services B.V., which is an initiative of VicarVision and Noldus Information Technology.