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Do you want to offer your client, internal or external, the best and most reliable techniques for remote measurement of appreciation, acceptance, preference, and so on? FaceReader Online is the user-friendly online facial expression analysis service that you can now incorporate in your market research.

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  • Based on proven technology.
  • Invite participants from all over the world.
  • Results the same day. Check out this validation study.
  • Access to project results at both the level of individual participants, or on a group level.
  • Cost efficient pay per use model.
  • Integrate in your favorite survey tool.
  • On-site, at home testing: test participants are free to complete the survey wherever and whenever they like until the deadline has passed or the max number of participants is reached.
FaceReader Online

Now available

Within FaceReader Online it is now possible to make a group of participants. Besides the results of all participants, it is now also possible to compare recordings of groups of participants. You can assign participants to groups yourselves, or automatically create groups based on gender or age.

The Group Results tab is a completely revamped page showing you the results on a group level! Not only can you compare groups and find significant differences as before, you can now retrieve temporal line charts, pie charts and circumplex representations of any group/stimulus you wish, all synced with the presented media files. Placing the line charts of male and female participants right next to each other for example, will allow you to easily spot whether there may be (unexpected) episodes where the two groups respond differently. 

Proven technology

FaceReader Online is based on the FaceReader software that is used at over 900 sites worldwide, with the advantage that this version runs online on a website. This means that you can test appreciation or impact on-site while participants can stay at home, allowing you to incorporate a much larger number of participants. FaceReader Online is not built by or related to one specific market research company. We are offering an independent service and not offering market research services ourselves.

FaceReader is the premier professional software for automatic analysis of the 6 basic facial expressions (happy, sad, scared, disgusted, surprised, and angry), as well as classifying neutral and contempt. FaceReader also provides gaze direction, head orientation, and person characteristics, such as gender and age. A graph summarizes the valence (negativity or positivity) of the emotional status of the test participant. Valence can also be visualized in a circumplex model of affect. In this model, valence is displayed on the horizontal axis. On the vertical axis the level of arousal is shown.

Customer testimonial

"FaceReader is a good instrument helping to detect emotional reactions on commercials besides what people say."

Herman Bolle | Panteia – Research to Progress

Quick and easy

Capturing emotions by analyzing facial expressions offers additional and objective insights into the impact, appreciation, attention, liking, and disliking of commercials, movie trailers, and other videoclips. FaceReader Online will allow you to create one or multiple projects. In short, you can email a hyperlink to participants using your favorite survey tool, wait for the response, let FaceReader then automatically analyze the videos after which you can interpret the results and present your findings to your client. Quick and easy.

Mesh used in facial expression recognition software
Use powerful FaceReader technology online!
use facial expression recognition from test participants from all over the world
Include test participants from all over the world.

3 steps!

Define your project

Consider yourself the test leader. You will reside in a central office location, while your test participants can be located all over the world. FaceReader Online will guide you through the entire project making your research effective and efficient. Setting up your project is as simple as uploading the video files you wish to measure the response for. For example you may want to upload two different versions of a commercial to see which one is more engaging. Next, define the parts of the video files you are particularly interested in. You will be able to separately analyze the emotional expression shown during these parts and compare the results to the other episodes.

Invite participants

After the first set-up, your test participants will receive an invitation by email to participate in a remote survey, possibly including questions defined in your own favorite survey software. FaceReader Online makes use of the biggest advantage of on-site, at home testing: test participants are free to complete the survey wherever and whenever they like until the deadline has passed or the max number of participants is reached. When the participant arrives on our web page, webcam images are evaluated live to check whether they are suitable for further analysis (i.e. they contain a single, well-visible face). If so, one of your videos will start to play. The image from the participant's webcam is streamed to one of our servers located in different parts of the world such that one is always close. You’ll never see these servers - we’ll keep them running.

View results

FaceReader Online will analyze all recorded videos automatically in the cloud and results usually become available just minutes after the participant has finished the recording. Once you are satisfied with the amount and quality of the responses you have received, you can download the results as a single archive file. This file contains your stimuli videos, optionally all participant recordings and of course the analysis results. The downloaded file can be opened in your local FaceReader software environment, which gives you a powerful and simple way to validate and interpret the facial expression results and use them in your final (market research) report.

FaceReader or FaceReader Online?

When would you choose FaceReader and when FaceReader Online? When you want to ask many participants on different locations to participate in your survey, FaceReader Online is the ideal solution. FaceReader Online is a cloud-based solution, based on Microsoft Azure architecture offering you a safe, scalable, and reliable solution. When you are working in a lab facility, you can use FaceReader on your own PC with a camera to collect and analyze data. The choice is yours. The main advantage of FaceReader Online is that it supports your online research needs and is more flexible in space and time.

OEM licensing

Whether you wish to combine facial expression analysis with your own software or embed components of our software into existing applications, we offer you the tools to do so. Add facial expression analysis technology to your application to optimize your solution using FaceReader OEM licensing, or use the FaceReader SDK or API. This way, FaceReader technology is an integral part of your application. This can help you improve and innovate by providing unique insights in gamer experience or customer experience, for example.

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Interested? Contact us now to start using FaceReader Online. Please visit www.facereader-online.com for more information and to sign in! FaceReader Online is developed by Human Insight Services B.V., which is an initiative of VicarVision and Noldus Information Technology.