FaceReader SDK or API

Need to easily integrate facial expres­sion analysis into other applications? Using the FaceReader SDK is the perfect solution. Additionally, a FaceReader Application Programming Interface (API) has been developed to serve as an interface between different software programs and to facilitate integration.

Add emotion to your application

Whether you wish to combine facial expression analysis with your own software or embed components of our software into existing applications, we offer you the tools to do so. Add facial expression analysis technology to your application to optimize your solution using the FaceReader SDK. This will help you improve and innovate by providing unique insights in gamer experience or customer behavior, depending on your application.

Benefits of the FaceReader SDK are:

  • Real-time interaction
  • Objective assessments
  • Insight in user experience
  • One solution
  • For cloud and on-site applications

Or access facial expressions with your application

Facial expressions recognized by FaceReader can be accessed in real-time by other applications, making the program an ideal tool for research on affective computing and the design of adaptive interfaces. The FaceReader API allows other software programs to respond instantly to the emotional state of the participant. The API includes a real-time export of the emotion data, receives and sends markers, exports coordinates of key points, exports image quality, and more!

Add emotion metrics to your application

Measure attention, emotions, and evasive behavior to create entirely new experiences and extend existing applications. The FaceReader SDK and API provide you with the following metrics:

  • Facial expressions - happy, sad, surprised, scared, angry, disgusted, contempt, and neutral.
  • Facial states – left and right eye open or closed, mouth open or closed, and left and right eyebrow raised, neutral or lowered.
  • Head orientation – recorded in the X, Y, and Z direction and based on a 3D model of the face.
  • Global gaze direction – gaze direction is derived from the position of the pupil in relation to the corners of the eyes and the orientation of the head.
  • Subject characteristics – automatic recognition of the subject’s gender, age, and ethnicity and whether the person has a beard, moustache, or glasses.
  • Action Units – automatic analysis of a selection of 20 commonly used Action Units, such as raising of cheeks, wrinkling of nose, dimpling, and lip tightening.
  • Arousal - indicates whether the test participant is active or not active, based on the activation of Action Units.
  • Valence – summarizes the positivity (pleasant) or negativity (unpleasant) of the emotion.

FaceReader technology: choose your solution

The FaceReader SDK licensing and API are based on the proven state-of-the-art FaceReader technology. FaceReader software is used by over 700 companies and universities worldwide and is the most robust tool for automatic analysis of facial expressions, providing users with an objective assessment of a person’s emotions.

The API is most suitable for single set-ups in which you want to connect your software to FaceReader for real-time integration. For large-scale applications, the SDK is the ideal solution. The SDK is available for Windows and will soon run on Android systems as well. Feel free to contact us when you are looking for an SDK running on other Operating Systems.

What is possible with our SDK and API solutions

Examples of solutions are:

  • Automotive – FaceReader technology can be used to build sensors that give insights into the mental state of drivers. Driver monitoring systems improve safety and help to understand driver behavior. 
  • Eye tracking research – Eye tracking and FaceReader technology combined facilitate in-depth usability testing or reliable advertisement evaluation, for example.
  • Customer support centers – Specific output from the FaceReader SDK such as negative/positive valence and gaze direction data can easily be used in a helpdesk setting to objectively assess staff performance and customer experience.
  • Tutoring systems – The facial expression ‘Happy’ can be measured by FaceReader technology and can function as an indication of satisfaction in a tutoring system. This tutoring system can respond in real time to the negative or positive valence of the live facial expression analysis - for example, by decreasing the difficulty of an assignment.
  • Gaming – Create new and exciting gaming experiences! Game levels can, for instance, change as a response to the gamers’ facial expressions. The FaceReader analysis can determine the way a game level continues. For example, when a player shows severe anger, a cooling down session in a game level starts automatically.
  • Emotional energy - A new app, called NRGY, is one of the first apps in the world that is capable of measuring your physical, mental, and emotional energy level, all within 90 seconds. FaceReader™ technology provides insights into your emotional energy/vitality and is an essential part of this app. You can now download this app yourself.
  • Market research – Do you want to offer your client the best and most reliable techniques for remote measurement of appreciation, and so on? Easily incorporate FaceReader technology in your survey. For example: activate a questionnaire automatically when  your test participant smiles
  • Digital signage – Let your billboard respond to the reaction of the spectator.

And much more! The FaceReader SDK and API are designed to facilitate the easy integration of FaceReader technology into other applications.

Customer testimonial

“FaceReader could revolutionize the way customer service is delivered”

David Tovisso | NEW Customer Service Companies Inc

Frequently Asked Questions

a. In case you use a credit based solution of the SDK, our server checks how many images or frames have been analyzed.

b. In case you pay per unit and the SDK is integrated in another product, for example a car or a robot, every device has to contact our server once for enabling the SDK.

a. At this moment we do not yet have a version for Linux, please contact us if you need a Linux version.

b. As an alternative, you can use the Web API, which is platform independent.

a. At this moment we do not yet have a version for iOS, please contact us if you need an iOS version.

b. As an alternative, you can use the Web API, which is platform independent.

As an indication: usually the analysis result is available 1-2 seconds after the image or frame was received by the Web API.


For users of FaceReader, the API is free of charge! For price information about the SDK, please get in touch with us.