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Thank you for your interest in our FaceReader SDK! Depending on the solution, pricing is based on the number of analysis or the number of units. The embedded version of FaceReader SDK is available from €20.000,- (or $22,000).

The information we ask below will help us to find the solution that fits your application best. We realize we are asking a lot of questions, but this way we can give you optimal support. After receiving the form, one of our consultants will contact you shortly to discuss your research needs and options.

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At this moment we do not yet have a version for iOS.

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One credit means one analysis of a frame or image.

If possible, can you give an estimate of how many minutes of analysis you will require per year, or on how many devices you want to run your solution?

Please provide above estimates after you fully ramped up or rolled out your project, so e.g. in 1 year time from now.

Is real-time (instant, live, direct) analysis of images or video frames required, or can expression analysis be done after a video has been recorded (i.e. off-line)?

Instant analysis is required if your application has to respond immediately to a change in expressions.*

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When you click the submit button, we will also supply you a free 14-day trial of FaceReader for Windows. This offers insights in the analysis results created by FaceReader and enables you to set up a proof of concept.