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  • Work faster: Automate tedious repeating tasks
  • Cost reduction: Achieve more with less people
  • Better insights: The Observer® XT offers multiple analysis options

Complete the information below and one of our consultants will contact you shortly to discuss your research needs and send you a FREE trial version of The Observer XT (please read the conditions below). It's also a possibility to ask for an online demo or to arrange a onsite assessment.

The Observer XT is the most powerful software tool for behavioral observation and video analysis, used by over 20,000 professionals all over the world. It gives you the ability to code behavior any way you want and obtain accurate results which are ready for analysis. The Observer XT automatically synchronizes coded behavior with the video files of one or more cameras.

Conditions: Noldus is willing to provide a FREE 30-day software trial, on the basis of the general conditions of the trial agreement. A trial will be provided after the general conditions have been signed for agreement by both parties. Noldus reserves the right to reconsider providing the software trial version which could ultimately result in withholding it. The free trial may not be used in scientific research, publications, products, production processes, or any commercial activity without prior written approval from Noldus.