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How can we help you with your grant applications?

Your success in securing funds is vital for the progression of your research. We realize that grants—public, private, large or small—are the lifeblood of research.

Put our thirty years of experience to work to help you locate and secure your next grant. We offer resources to locate funding sources and assist with the grant writing process, with no cost or commitment to the researcher!

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Here is how we can help you with your grant application:

  • We want to position you with the best competitive advantage upon review.
  • Our scientific research consultants will work collaboratively with you to provide you Noldus specific input for your grant application.
  • We can provide guidance on developing behavioral protocols, performing behavioral tasks, or making the most out of your Noldus platform.
  • At this moment, we have a dedicated number of hours available for helping neuroscientists and psychologists in North America, but please don’t hesitate to fill out the form below if you don’t fit that description. We’ll always reach out to you to see what we can do to help you progress your research.
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Now is the time to involve our experts, if our Noldus behavioral research software might assist you with your upcoming research.


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