Spectacles camera

If you want to see the world through the eyes of your test person, our spectacles camera is the tool you need. Consisting of a  pair of glasses with a built-in camera, it allows your test participant to move around freely. A spectacles camera is the perfect solution for investigating consumer, navigation, or car driving behavior. Video files can be synchronized with coded behaviors and other data in
The Observer® XT.

  • See exactly what your test participant sees.
  • Capture gaze direction.
  • Freedom of movement for your test participants.
  • Compatible with other data modalities in The Observer XT.
  • Save money with this cost-effective solution.


Complete insight

When interpreting someone’s behavior we unconsciously imagine ourselves in their position, and try to see the world through their eyes. For a researcher, imagination is not an option.
You want to know exactly. You want to have complete insight in your test participant’s point of view. With our spectacles camera, you can!


Miniature camera

The spectacles camera is a miniature camera built into a pair of spectacles, giving you a good impression of what your test participant is looking at. While your test participant moves around freely (both indoors and outdoors), the camera view is recorded continuously as a digital media file.

Two viewpoints

If you record a second video with a camcorder or fixed camera, you can upload both videos into The Observer XT for further analysis. In The Observer XT you can play the two recordings in sync. You'll have two viewpoints, the overview and your test participant's view, in a single observation.