In your lab, it’s important that your different research tools work together which is why we created the SyncBox.  It allows you to synchronize your equipment before you start recording with The Observer® XT allowing you to easily verify synchronization during and after your recordings.

  • Synchronize all your lab equipment
  • Derive offsets to correct startup times
  • Verify and calibrate the synchronization of your set-up
Hier kan een image description geplaatst worden
Hier kan een image description geplaatst worden

Full automation
The Observer XT allows you to start equipment and software applications synchronously at the beginning of an observation. This is particularly useful for making multimodal recordings: no need to start everything manually. However, even when you start all devices and applications from The Observer XT, some devices and applications need additional time before they actually start recording. To compensate for these startup times, you can enter an offset for each device in The Observer XT.

Calculate device offsets exactly
The SyncBox is ideal for determining and verifying offset delay differences between applications. It is able to send out a variety of signals, such as lights, sounds, electrical pulses, and keystrokes. This assures you that the synchronization signal is visible in the recorded data, no matter what kind of device you are using. The signal is also automatically marked in The Observer XT’s event log. You only need to check the time differences between the pulses, relative to the sync point in the event log, to derive the exact offset for each device and application.

Verify synchronization
Use the SyncBox to guarantee synchronized data. The SyncBox allows you to make correct initial settings, but while you are recording, delays or clock drift may nudge your devices out of sync. During and after your observations, you can quickly verify synchronization, allowing you to take corrective actions if needed. The SyncBox is able to automatically send out repeating pulses, or send pulses when you press a button. If there is drift between devices, the pulses will show you.