Focus group observations

Video is almost indispensible when studying group dynamics. Without video it is impossible to keep track of all that is happening.

AV recording and video annotation

Focus groups often take place in labs with multiple cameras, viewing the group from different angles.

Viso is the solution for video and audio recordings to capture group behavior in great detail. With Viso you can make video recordings in one or multiple rooms at once, with up to four Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras in each room. Viso software is easy to use and provides quick results.

Interviews after a product or website test

Often projects includes multiple methods. For example focus groups and interviews. After a product or website test, AV recordings allow you to quickly interview the test participant. This way you can show the test to the participant and ask for their interpretation as a result finding the meaning behind the behaviors.

Detailed behavioral coding

The Observer® XT allows you to make detailed annotations of each individual’s behavior, and analyze videos and behavior all together. You can also use the software for qualitative annotations, in order to quickly retrieve interesting episodes. You can easily search through all your observations with the search function in the software.

Selected publication

  • Andersen, B.V.; Hyldig, G. (2015). Consumers' view on determinants to food satisfaction. A qualitative approach. Appetite, 95, 9-16.