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You can benefit from 25 years of experience in building sophisticated labs for the measurement of behavior, physiology, and more. For our partners in sport, Noldus delivers coaches and trainers with the equipment they need to focus on the details. Why? The match is won in the details. With our software, the tiniest behaviors can be registered enabling coaches to provide valuable feedback. This empowers trainers and athletes to continuously improve performances.


Trust us to help you to gain insight in movement patterns, mental state, and more. Our consultants will step in to discuss your project, and then they will help you pinpoint the solution: either through training and educating your team of experts or taking over the entire project and getting you results on time without an hour’s investment on your side.  Since Noldus has 25 years of experience with measuring behavior and we have already completed many projects for organizations worldwide, you can rely on us to get the measurements right. No matter what part of your project – data integration, recording multiple audio and video streams, eye tracking, physiological measurements, or facial expression analysis - we are ready to advise and assist you.

Eye tracking and The Observer XT in sports research

Discover hidden patterns

What you don’t see, you cannot change. By reviewing sessions together, players learn from their own and other’s behavior. This means you’re working on strengthening every link to make the team stronger. Our software enables you to play back recorded videos with the comments you’ve made. Plus you can integrate heart rate or positioning data, to get the complete picture on one time-line.

TrackLab Sports
Here you can see the patterns of players on a soccerfield. TrackLab Sports will help you gain insight into movement and patterns.
TrackLab Sports heatmap
The heatmap shows you a pattern that can be discussed with the soccer players.

Movement analysis

Trainers are now increasingly using tracking technology to assess the movement of the players. Take basketball for example. By recording and comparing successful games to the average, the trainers can identify areas for improvements in team plays. Using the latest tracking and analysis technologies, Noldus can equip any gym with the materials you need to gain insight into spatial behavior.

Analyze mental states

It is all in the details. That is where the gold is won. Noldus brings scientific validated measurements to sports. For example, follow the exact gaze of a rider (eye tracking), measure the heart rate of the horse and the rider, install pressure pads in the saddle and record specific behaviors on video. All this information combined on one timeline will give you more insights into which details predict a victory or loss.

Facial expression analysis

FaceReader automatically analyzes 6 basic facial expressions, as well as neutral and contempt. It can be used to analyze emotions during (extreme) sports.

A couple of practicle examples

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Interesting publications

A diverse collection of scientific articles citing Noldus products are published in renowned journals each week. The following list is only a small selection of the most recent published scientific articles in different research fields.

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