FaceReader Online In-Market Validation

FaceReader Online was used to test the emotionality of advertisements. Quantitative and qualitative analysis show FaceReader’s validity compared to known in-market metrics. Effective, efficient, objective and proven.

FaceReader technology

FaceReader Online analyses facial expressions using FaceReader™, an advanced software program providing users with an automatic and objective assessment of a person’s emotion. It automatically determines the presence and intensity of the expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared, disgusted, contempt, and neutral/no emotion. The analysis and related services run on Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform.

FaceReader Online therefore is a user-friendly, easy accessible web portal built around proven, reliable technology. But how does FaceReader compare to current in-market metrics, like purchase intent?

FaceReader corresponds to known in-market metrics

A recent academic publication* demonstrated that FaceReader’s ‘happy’ expression could predict an advertisement’s effectiveness. To further determine the robustness in marketing research, we compared FaceReader with current market metrics for testing advertisements. Using FaceReader Online, we tested the effectiveness of eight (8) ads, ranging in year, in-market performance, and category (CPG, food & beverage, etc).

Surveys were sent via email to a random sample of adults across the USA. While they watched an advertisement, FaceReader Online assessed their emotional expression. Afterwards, a purchase intent measure was taken.

Quantitative data analysis determined that ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ were both significant predictors of Purchase Intent. Furthermore, high-performing ads were significantly happier than either average or low-performing ads. Qualitative analysis revealed that the emotional expression within each ad determined how effective the ad would be. Together the data verify the effectiveness of FaceReader in matching market performance.

FaceReader objectively tests your ads before they go to market

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*Lewinski, P.; Fransen, M.L.; Tan E.S.H. (2014). Predicting advertising effectiveness by facial expressions in response to amusing persuasive stimuli. Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics, 1, 1-14.