Site License Manager

The Observer XT  and FaceReader support the Floating Site License functionality. This functionality makes the software more versatile. A hardware key is no longer needed! You can easily use the software throughout a department, a building, around the campus, and even from your own house. A secured login will give you access to your projects.

The Site License Manager shows how many licenses you have, how many are in use, and when each license type expires. Note that the software itself and projects of The Observer XT and FaceReader are installed locally. 

Benefits of using site license

The Floating Site License offers a number of significant benefits because of its focus on easy use, flexibility and efficiency.

  • No hardware key needed 
  • Login at any time
  • Login anywhere in the building or on the campus, without needing another hardware key
  • Work together on a research project
  • All users have the same version of the software and the same modules
  • Based on your needs