DriveLab for in-car research

Since DriveLab is a modular system that can be configured exactly to meet your needs, we can also turn this into a system for analyzing driver behavior in real cars. This is relevant for example when studying interaction between passengers in cars and distraction caused by other passengers, or fatigue detection during long travels. Also for longitudinal tests a real car can be the preferred solution. Finally tests in a real car can be a next step once the simulator research phase has been completed. Within the ADVICE project we have prepared a car with a range of equipment for measuring and analyzing driver behavior in combination with vehicle parameters and data from navigation systems, eye trackers and data acquisition systems.

Examples of parameters measured in the in-car version of DriveLab are:

Navigation system:

  • Maximum speed
  • Road type, e.g. motorway, roundabout
  • Traffic density

Eye tracker:

  • Blinks
  • Gaze on Areas of Interest (AOIs), such as mirrors, dashboard, side window
  • Pupil diameter


  • Steering angle
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Turn taking
  • Clutch pedal
  • Gear number
  • Indicator on/off

Similar to the DriveLab set-up with a simulator, all data can be integrated and synchronized using The Observer XT, which enables combined analysis and visualization of all these data streams.
This set-up has been created and is being piloted within the ADVICE project, in cooperation with partners HAN, TomTom, TNO and Delft University.