Integrating data from different sources can offer a wealth of additional insights and is therefore becoming more and more popular. For live visualization of data from different sources, there now is a new prototype: N-View.


  • N-View helps you to understand the data you are collecting during an experiment.
  • It is also helpful during integration projects: it enables you to check if data is actually sent by the different components.
  • N-View is web-based: it can run anywhere on every modern device that can run Google Chrome. So no need to be in the same location as the experiment to monitor data!
  • N-Linx compatible, so it can easily be combined with other N-Linx compatible products like The Observer® XT and FaceReader™.

The N-View dashboard

Integrated data dashboard

Visualization of data

N-View offers a wide range of visualization possibilities, including:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Gauges
  • Event tables
  • Bar charts
  • Radar charts
  • Scatter plots
  • Stopwatch
  • Event lines
  • Spark lines

This new real-time visualization tool is currently under development as a prototype at Noldus InnovationWorks.

Examples of applications in which N-View has been used include DriveLab. In DriveLab this tool helped the researchers to get insight into the mental workload of the driver in the simulator. 

Choose from multiple visualization options

N-View by Noldus