Observation Lab

Complete integrated lab designed with you and built by us.

Why use it?

  • Controlled conditions.
  • Run precisely the same test multiple times.
  • Unobtrusive observations.
  • High quality audio and video recordings.
  • Fully integrated equipment.
  • Synchronous recordings.
  • Superior behavior recording and analysis.

why use an observation lab

How does it work?

Your research is unique. So are your lab requirements. Noldus offers a wide range of flexible tools designed to meet a variety of research demands. If your application requires a unique solution, you can rely on our many years of experience with building labs all over the world to create the perfect lab for you.

Physiology measurements

Who uses it?

An observation lab allows researchers to observe test participants unobtrusively, in an environment similar to test participant’s natural surroundings. We help you build the right solution for infant behavior studies, communication studies, market research, social psychology, and consumer science, for example.

Who uses an observation lab