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Spatial behavior tracking

TrackLab is the complete tracking solution for your research on human behavior. Save time on data collection and analysis, and obtain real-time insights into a wide range of spatial behaviors.

Why you should use TrackLab

  • Rely on highly accurate tracking data for your research.
  • Gain insights into social interactions, consumer behavior, and space utilization.
  • Easily access, collect, analyze, and visualize your data.

University of Lausanne - User of TrackLab
University Leipzig - User of TrackLab
Jan Linders - User of TrackLab
Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile - User of TrackLab

Research areas

TrackLab is used for behavioral research in various fields, such as psychology, education, consumer behavior, wayfinding, healthcare, and many more.

TrackLab software program

Tracking technology

TrackLab works with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to collect data on subjects’ location and movement. It is a tag-based system, using UWB tags that are compact, lightweight, and non-intrusive.

Easy to use

TrackLab allows you to control recording sessions manually or with a calendar-based scheduling tool. After data collection, you can replay data and use heatmaps, trackplots, and graphs to visualize your results.

How does TrackLab work?

TrackLab supports you in the complete process of your work, from research set-up to data collection and analysis. TrackLab benefits researchers in retail environments, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and many more.

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