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Internships - AI research and software engineering for behavior, health, and wellbeing

Noldus offers student internships ranging from short work experiences to 6-month scientific master’s internships.

Currently our assignments evolve around:

  • The acquisition and preparation of datasets (often multimodal).
  • The development of research tools.
  • Trying out new developments / techniques.
  • The development of smart annotation tools.
  • The development of algorithms for detection of states and events.

Examples of these assignments are:

  • Record a multi-modal cow behavior dataset at a barn and organize, synchronize and annotate the data. 
  • Build a data quality estimator that maps recorded data to an ideal recording and gives an estimation of missing data, noise and data anomalies.
  • Try out a newly published method for human workload estimation on a benchmark dataset. Or experiment with a new camera that can deploy trained networks, and report the pros and cons. 
  • Build a smart interactive annotation tool that learns from the human annotator while he is annotating rodent behavior from video.
  • Detect human eating behavior from a combination of video and wearable data. Or work on a body shape model for reliable video tracking of chickens in a group-housed setting, to segment multiple animals and detect specific behaviors, such as tail feather pecking.
Group students with laptop meeting  

We invite interested students to contact us. In an introductory meeting, we decide together which specific assignment is most appropriate considering your interest and skills and our needs.


If you are interested in a project, please send a mail to Jeroen Kemerink at More information about our company is available online.