When I try to start Catwalk I get an error about a missing file: gdiplus.dll
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With Catwalk, what modifications must be done to use the same system for both mice and rats?
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Does Noldus Software comply with FDCC regulations?
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How we can decide which value of the acquisition threshold is proper for each experiment? What happen when we put the value more/less than proper value?
I accidentally changed my camera lens settings before a CatWalk run. Is all my data useless?
I am having problems running Catwalk software on my home PC, which is an iMac running Windows 7 64bit.
I have been using CatWalk to collect data using rats and would now like to use it to collect data using mice. How do I adjust the equipment/settings to accomodate this change?
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The Max Intensity parameter does not distinguish between paws for which I would expect to see a difference.
The pc freezes when I upgrade the Catwalk program from XT8.0 to XT8.1
The symbols (RF, RH, LF, LH) have disapeared in the video image when classifying (see page 54 manual).
We moved our CatWalk system to a new room and now it is not as sensitive as it used to be and we cannot see anything. Why is that and how do we fix it?
What are the system specifications for Noldus Software?