I have problems tracking because of a strong reflection from a light placed next to my camera. I cannot use diffuse light because of my experimental setup.
I have set up a radial arm maze and now I want to know how many times the animal has been in each arm.
I want to adjust the arena and make new tracks, but EthoVision refuses to let me do that.
I want to calculate the active social interaction (total distance covered together) of two rats.
Is it possible to run Noldus software on a Apple (Macintosh) computer (iPad)?
Is it possible to visualize track data for specific time periods during a session? Say I have a 90 min session, but only want to look tracks during the last 30 min.
My animal left the arena yet EthoVision is still tracking something in that arena.
My The Imaging Source USB camera is creating a video file with the wrong frame rate.
My zones are not in the analysis.
Not possible to edit the arena and the acquisition zone definition, change the calibration
The BioPac MP150 manual says I need a special network card to run BioPac. Where can I buy this?
The black bottom of Phenotyper appears white in camera image and I cannot track my white rats on it.
The computer hangs, does not respond, crashes when shutting down or starting up.
The copy and paste method of transferring data to Excel changed some of the data format into currency or hours.
We are not able to detect a rat (white rat with a black stripe on its back) in a white arena, the trial runs as it should, however the animal is consistently listed as not being found.
What can cause missing values?
What is a good publication to cite for EthoVision?
What kind of lighting should I use for my experiment in EthoVision?
What version of Windows does Noldus software run under?
When analyzing my tracks, the parameters for 1 track are all grayed out. Why?
When doing color tracking at 30 frames per second in high resolution the processor load is constantly above 100%.
When I start up my Dell PC it gives the error 'System battery voltage is low'.
When I try to install Noldus software, I get a Sentinel Run-time Environment error
Which Noldus products work under 64 bit?
Why is my image from the Picolo card very noisy?