How to use a remote control device with EthoVision XT?
I can view all acquired tracks in the Visualization, but in the Analysis I do not get any results for some of them: they are simply missing in the Analysis.
I get "Critical Message" ID 12013. There is no video signal on source Euresys PICOLO DILIGENT sn/1159- VID 1 Please connect the camera and redo the trial."
I get problems playing back video with EthoVision XT
I want to do live tracking and record the video to a digital file yet when starting the aqcuisition a message is being displayed "No Video Signal, there is no video signal on source camera". What to do?
I want to know how to calculate the amount/percentage of time spent in a specific zone within an arena? I am using EthoVision XT.
In EthoVision XT the counting for stopping an experiment starts when I press the green Start button, not when the arena starts tracking.
In EthoVision XT, I get zone statistics for some tracks but not all tracks. Why?
In the "integrated visualization" (= plot integrated data) you can only select from a list of 450 track files, yet there are 600 track files in your experiment.
Is it possible to analyze my data without a hardware key?
Is it possible to copy profiles between two different workspaces?
Is it possible to do nesting over heading or head direction in Ethovision XT 4.1 or 5.0?
Is it possible to get audio in a video made using Ethovision XT?
Is it possible to get the position of the test animal exact every single minute, not the complete 60sec, but the position after 60sec, 120sec, 180sec,...?
Is it possible to rename track files and group those track files into one folder in EthoVision XT?
Is there any way to resort the analysis output in Ethovision? I want my tracks to be in order, I've added some other tracks and now everything is mixed up.
Is there any way to see the camera image outside EthoVision without hooking up an external monitor?
It is not possible to use my USB presenter device (for instance Logitech R400) with Ethovision XT 6.1 although it works correctly in Powerpoint. I have used the reg file as described in the manual. No result.
My backup is larger than 4GB and I cannot open it.
My evxt file is lost. What can I do?
My Experiment Control stop condition based on zones is not working in EthoVision.
My track has missed samples, even though my detection settings are fine
My water maze looks oval in the arena settings or acquisition, or another maze looks similarly distorted.
What kind of lighting should I use for my experiment in EthoVision?
When I upgrade to The Observer XT 10 EthoVision 5 becomes unstable.