Is there any way to see the camera image outside EthoVision without hooking up an external monitor?
It is not possible to use my USB presenter device (for instance Logitech R400) with Ethovision XT 6.1 although it works correctly in Powerpoint. I have used the reg file as described in the manual. No result.
My backup is larger than 4GB and I cannot open it.
My evxt file is lost. What can I do?
My Experiment Control stop condition based on zones is not working in EthoVision.
My track has missed samples, even though my detection settings are fine
Neither Easygrab nor EthoVision 3.0 received video from the Picolo framegrabber. Computer recently upgraded from Win2000 to Windows XP, EthoVision recently upgraded from 2.3 to 3.0.
Some or all of my tracks have a negative duration, making analysis impossible.
The video background and track is out of sync in the track editor and plotter
The video I have made with my Diligent board cannot be viewed properly by EthoVision XT, and I am using an Nvidea video card
What kind of lighting should I use for my experiment in EthoVision?
When I export a large track file to Excel, EthoVision closes.
When I export long track files in EthoVision XT 4.0 or 4.1, EthoVision sometimes closes.
When I install EthoVision XT on my EthoVision 3 computer), I get a black screen instead of a live video image
When using the Propresenter under Windows XP I get the error "ProPresenter not Found" after each reboot, and the ProPresenter does not function. The ProPresenter is connected to COM1.
Why do some of my analysis results have a dash "-" for the value?
Will changing the video card cause any set-up problems with your software i.e. DirectX config, or can I swap to another card without any foreseeable problems.
A parallel port dongle (hardware key) for The Observer software has been damaged: one of the long (3 cm?) screws to help attach the dongle to the PC has broken.
After installing EthoVision XT and upgrading EthoVision 3.1.16 to 3.1.17 I get a black video image when making a new arena (I use the Picolo Multicam as video source).
An internal error occurred in EthoVision, please contact Noldus IT support: C:\\NOLDUS\\ethovision\\Analysis\\NECStatisticsBlock.cpp: Assertion Exception Condition: it != m_pDataChannels->end() Description: Channel is not found
Background image does not refresh when I ask for it
Can't do analysis in EthoVision because of different calibration units.
Could you tell me the dimensions (in pixels) of the EthoVision 3 Acquisition window?
Do you have any suggestions for designing a large experiment in EthoVision 2 or 3?
Error: file exists; could not rename file Error number: 17 OS error number: 183.