Face Reader 3 does not support H.264 video files

You can solve this problem by upgrading to FaceReader 4.

If you want to use Face Reader 3.1 (or lower) with the Media Recorder 1.0 then you must create MPEG-4 DivX files with the Media Recorder, not H.264 files. That means that you must create the videos using using a USB or FireWire or IP camera, or a mixture of sources. Or if you do use an analog camera with the Euresys H.264 board, you can select Picture-In-Picture output and that will also produce DivX files. Analog cameras with the Euresys H.264 board producing 1 file per camera will produce H.264 video files, and that format is not supported by FaceReader 3 or lower.

You can force Media Recorder to produce DivX files from the H.264 board with the following work-around:

  1. Select PictureInPicture
  2. Select only one analog video input (& 1 audio input)
  3. Select the resolution of the original signal (e.g. 704 x 576 for PAL)