How to import external data so I do not have to manually recreate it myself in The Observer XT.

Observational data may be imported as an ASCII file into The Observer XT. Observational data consists of a series of events occurring at distinct times, as opposed to External Data which refers to continuous numeric data (e.g. physiological recording).

  1. The data in ASCII format need to be in a certain format (start date, start time, and for each row a time stamp and the behavior).
  2. Once in this format, you can go File menu. Import/Observational Data.
  3. If an import filter exists for the format of your data, select it under Files of Type. Otherwise, click Custom Import Filter to define a new filter for your files.
  4. Once you have imported the data, it will now be a new observation in The Observer XT (or if you want it to be an Event Log in an existing obsevation, you can right-click on that observation and select Import Observational Data).
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