How to live track while saving a video?

Live tracking and recording requires two connections from the camera to the digitizing card in the computer. The easiest way to achieve this is by using a BNC T-Splitter and a second, short BNC cable to split the connection from the camera to two inputs on the card.

If using the Picolo Diligent card (with four BNC connectors directly on the back of the computer), it is also necessary to adjust the dip switches on the card so that the switches are set to opposite positions for the two selected connectors. This is not necessary with the Picolo U4 card (EthoVision XT 8 only), which can be identified by the BNC connectors being at the ends of a multiheaded cable.

Pictures of these connections can be found in the manual:

EthoVision XT 5.0: page 37.

EthoVision XT 6.0: page 43.

EthoVision XT 7.0: page 43.

EthoVision XT 8.0: page 47.

After making the appropriate connections, tracking must be enabled in the Experiment Settings.

Live tracking and simultaneous recording is not possible in EthoVision XT 4-8 with USB or Firewire cameras, only with analog cameras when using a digitizing card.

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