How to use a remote control device with EthoVision XT?

EthoVision XT CAN be controlled using standard remote controls for PowerPoint (ppt) presentations (like this one for instance:,en).

  1. Install remote_control.reg from the Utilities folder of your Installation CD and you can use PgUp and PgDown to control the trial.
  2. To use such a remote follow this procedure: EVXT 5.1 is capable to accept PgUp and PgDn keys from a remote control unit (such as typically sold for Powerpoint presentations). Since we consider PgUp and PgDn to be tricky shortcut keys, by default EVXT does not work with a remote control unit.
  3. To activate this capability, put your EthoVision XT install CD in the ROM drive and go to the Utilities folder and double-click on "remote_control.reg" (please close EthoVision PRIOR to installing this file).
  4. You need to do this only once after installation. EVXT 5.1 only `listens' to these two keys when
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