I cannot use the same FireWire camera in both EthoVision and MediaRecorder at the same time

1. If I open EthoVision XT first and then open Media Recorder. MediaRecorder has an error trying to find the firewire camera.  2. If I open Media Recorder first then EthoVision XT, then you can see the camera image in Media Recorder but when I go to Acquire in EthoVision it has a Filter Connection Error (Id 8208) saying now it can't find the firewire camera.

A FireWire signal cannot (at present, 2011) be split. The only way to deal with this using the FW camera is to first record a media file with MediaRecorder and then use the media file to track from that in EthoVision XT.

This issue applies to any two software programs that try to use the same camera at the same time.

MediaRecorder, Ethovision XT 7, Ethovision XT 8