I get a blue screen crash when using The Observer together with the Noldus MPEG Recorder

Under certain circumstances, using the Noldus MPEG Recorder (NMR) 2.0 or 2.1 together on the same computer as The Observer XT can cause a Windows (blue-screen) crash. This crash can occur if The Observer is closed whilst the NMR is still running. This crash will not always occur but the more USB devices that are in use on your computer, the more likely it is to occur.


There are a number of options for avoiding this problem:

  • Run the NMR and Observer on separate computers, or if you use them on the same computer, do not run both at the same time. You can automatically start the NMR on another computer at the start of an Observation; please contact Noldus technical support for details.
  • If you need to run both at once (e.g. you are scoring an observation live at the same time as recording an MPEG file), when you have finished your work, first close the NRM and then close The Observer. You do not need to close the NMR between observations, so long as The Observer remains running.
  • If you control the NMR using the External Program control (in the Observation Sources), the command to stop the NMR recording (/S) does not close the program. You should still close it manually before closing The Observer.

If there is a delay in the preview you see of the image from the NMR and what is actually happening, you can solve this by initializing the NMR by making a 30s test observation before you carry out your actual observation.

The Observer XT 6.1, The Observer XT 7.0, The Observer XT 8.0, The Observer XT 9.0, Noldus MPEG Recorder 2