I get an error message when I try to analyze a video in FaceReader

If you get the following error message, it means that the Microsoft .NET framework is not correctly installed: "An error occured during analysis: method not found: 'System...()'.

Click the following link to install the .NET Framework:

You can also install the .NET Framework from the FaceReader installation CD: browse to the DotNetFX35 folder, open the dotNetFX35 subfolder and then open either the

  • x64 subfolder if your computer has a 64-bit operating system.

Double-click ‘netfx35_x64.exe’ to download the .NET Framework.

  • x86 subfolder for 32-bit operating systems.

Double-click ‘netfx35_x86.exe’ to download the software.

To check whether your computer has a 64-bit or a 32-bit operating system, from the Windows Start menu select Control Panel and then System. Note that this is about your Windows version, not your computer processor.

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