My track has missed samples, even though my detection settings are fine

There are two possible causes for this problem:
  • There is more infomation being processed by EthoVision than your computer processor can cope with (especially if you have multiple arenas):
    • Do not have other programs running at the same time as EthoVision is acquiring data
    • Remember to also make sure that programs do not run in the background (look in the system tray at the bottom right of your screen)
    • Use tracking from video files, with Detection Determines Speed turned on.
  • If you are tracking live with NTSC, under some circumstances you will see that every 30 seconds or so a couple of 'extra' samples come in, which are dropped by EthoVision. You can see this clearly in the track editor (Acquisition menu) or raw data export file.
    • These samples will not significantly affect your dependant variable statistics
    • We have carried out extensive testing to be sure that the timing information is still good; experiment durations etc are still correct
    • If you want to stop this hapenig, you can first make video files and then track from those video files (with Detection Determines Speed turned on).
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