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After installing UltraVox, a hardware wizard comes up looking for a USB hardware key driver called hasp4usb113 and it cannot find it.
After installing Ultravox, the hardware key is not recognized.
After putting a USB memory stick into the usb socket next to my dongle (Hasp hardware key) the dongle light goes out and is no longer recognized by the system.
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Error message: Hardware key detected but it is not a valid UltraVox key. Input signals will be simulated during acquisition.
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I have The Observer 5.0 and UltraVox installed, yet the UltraVox hardware key is not being recognized by the program.
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My hardware key (dongle) is no longer recognised by my computer.
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The computer only registers sound if it comes from 2 bat detectors at once.
The image on my monitor is flickering.
Time event plots for the different channels do not exactly match their respective labels on the left side of the screen. [Keyword: font]