Other software and hardware

My frame capture card no longer works when I reinstall
My hardware key (dongle) is no longer recognised by my computer.
My recording has no sound
My The Imaging Source USB camera is creating a video file with the wrong frame rate.
My USB camera does not work in combination with other USB devices
My video input is black and has a warning triangle
My video input is black and I do not see a warning triangle
The image on my monitor is flickering.
The Picolo Diligent is installed correctly according to the Device manager and a camera is connected to the board, but EthoVision nor eVision nor Noldus Recorder seem to be able to see the board.
The time information in my video is wrong
Video files created by MediaRecorder cannot be played back in the Windows Media Player
We experience several problems with Tobii Eye Tracker in combination with Studio 1.1.14: very low output volume recorded audio, initialisation internal camera very slow in T60. How to solve these problems?
What are the audio limitations of camcorders?
What are the system specifications for Noldus Software?
What is the best frame rate and resolution in Media Recorder?
What is the color space (format) used by Media Recorder?
What version of Windows does Noldus software run under?
When I change Frame rate and Resolution within the Advanced Settings window (video camera symbol) and save the configuration file, the change of the settings is not saved after reloading the configuration file.
When I click Advanced Video Settings, my computer crashes.
When I start up my Dell PC it gives the error 'System battery voltage is low'.
When I try to install Noldus software, I get a Sentinel Run-time Environment error
When should I choose to use analog cameras?
When should I choose to use FireWire cameras
When should I choose to use USB cameras?
When using Dazzle everything goes fine until 10 minutes into the recording and then the recording stops. I need to make a MPEG that is about 35 to 40 minutes long.