Other software and hardware

Where can I find the reference manual for the Media Recorder?
Where can I find the Service Manual for my Noldus product?
Which Noldus products work under 64 bit?
Who do I test if my video file has good timing information?
Why is my image from the Picolo card very noisy?
Windows cannot find a file which is created by Noldus software
Can I use EthoVision 2.3 on Windows XP home edition?
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Does MatMan work with Office 2007 (Excel 2007)?
Does MatMan work with Vista and Office 2007?
Does Noldus Software comply with FDCC regulations?
Hasp dongle does not work when connecting an external floppy drive, ZIP drive, printer or other device to it.
How do I contact Noldus support?
How does MatMan calculate 'Transform values into ranks'?
I am not able to combine matrices. I get the following error message: "unable to detect matrix". I am using 56 rows/56 columns.
I am using MatMan. What is the maximum number of cells I can define for a matrix?
I get the message, 'The selected matrices don't match.'
I have problems with entering the license number [registration key] of the Matman program.
I keep on getting error messages that say that my matrices are either 1) not square; or 2) they do not have structural zeros on the diagonal. But they are square! And they do have structural zeros.
Is it possible to run Noldus software on a Apple (Macintosh) computer (iPad)?
Is Matman able to analyze 48 behaviors simultaneously and how can I get the individual differences so I can see if some particular patterns emerge?
Matman no longer comes up with Excel.
The copy and paste method of transferring data to Excel changed some of the data format into currency or hours.
The image on my monitor is flickering.
The installation of MatMan 1.1 finished successfully but when I want to start MatMan 1.1 by double clicking the desktop icon or using the start menu Excel opens but I don't see MatMan.