The Observer

I get a blue screen crash when using The Observer together with the Noldus MPEG Recorder
I get a lock error (error # 10458) when I try and open my project.
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I hear an echo on my videos
I start the Noldus MPEG Recorder 2.0 as an External Program in The Observer when I create a new observation, and it crashes
I wanted to know if the total duration of each behavior that is calculated in each analysis is given in seconds and if so are the seconds rounded off? How come there are no decimal points like there are in the seconds of the analyzed duration?
I would like to build a component using the plug-in for The Observer XT, or need related technical information. (keywords SKD, software development kit)
Importing a read-only project with no key codes defined results in error messages
Is DVD native format supported by The Observer XT?
Is it possible to automatically create keycodes for behaviors?
Is it possible to connect TWO cameras in real time to ONE computer and have the software create separate MPEG files for each camera for post-observation analysis?
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Is it possible to rename observations in The Observer XT?
Is it possible to synchronize data from a VU-AMC device?
Is there a way I can directly export my raw data into excel or spss with out doing any statistical analysis with The Observer XT software?
Is there any way I can instruct The Observer XT to pause the video by pressing a single key on the keyboard? There is a shortcut for that (Ctrl+Space) but a single key would be more convenient.
Is there any way to select which observations you want the results on?
Live coding with external video is not working with VGA hardware connections. I can see the Preview fine but when I start the actual observation there is no video in the Monitor window.
Most playback speeds do not seem to work correctly with Windows 2000 SP2. Note that The Observer XT (and higher) does not support Windows 2000.
MPEG2 files won't play in The Observer.
MPEG4-DivX Videos have restricted play speeds
My analysis in The Observer XT stops at about 25%