The Observer

My Canon VC-C50i camera is not working, says "COM 2 Open Error".
My mobile device camera is giving a distorted picture while wireless, but good quality when connected with a cable.
My MPEG-2 duration or timing appears incorrectly
My numeric independent variable values are showing up like this in my reports 1...50
My shuttle-pro software for my jog-shuttle device stopped working on my new computer
My uLog data is not saved
My videos are not synchronized when I use a combination of a FireWire camera and a USB camera
Not all my observations are in the Elementary Statistics Report.
Observations grouped first by DRUG and then by DOSE, but grouping is not correct
Problems playing video files with The Observer
Recording suddenly stops after approx. 8/9 minutes
The Observer crashes when I am using the setup browser
What is the maximum size of an analysis report that I can produce with The Observer 8.0?
When I start The Observer I get an error message that XmlLite.dll was not found.
When I try to import observational data entered by hand into The Observer I appear to have made a correct import profile, but all the time stamps are grey and strange values.
When I try to run a Video Play List from an observation made from a DVD a message is displayed saying that a file does not exist.
When running an analysis with 5 min. time bins The Observer XT program comes up with the message "Matrix layout contains too many rows"
When trying to import a project from The Observer 5.0 into The Observer XT via File menu/Open/Project and I select OPP and then locate my OPP file and click Open, I get the following error: 33120: import error. import failed because of general exception.
When trying to save a project I get error message 33259: Project Copy Error. Other users can save the project without problems.
When using the Event Logging Keyboard on a laptop it will not work. When plugging it into a desktop WITH the normal keyboard still in place it works fine.
When using The Observer there is a noticable lag in the system. It is most noticable while coding but you can see it regardless of what you are doing in the software.
Where can I download the Xvid codec?
Which video codecs can I use with The Observer?
Why do I get error 14655 (event logs overlapping) when I run reliability analysis?
Why does 'merging' after a recording session in Screen Capture Module (Camtasia) take such a long time. In some cases just as long as (or longer than) the recording time.