The Observer

Why is the same behavior (and its time stamp) listed in the Reliability Analysis Results multiple times?
Will the pocket observer runs on the NEC Mobile Pro 780 that operates on Windows CE. Is this a supported platform?
Windows 8.1 requires a new hardware key driver ( Sentinel Runtime (HASP 6.60))
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How can I define 2 or more different modifiers with the identical values?
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How do I get hold of the software development kit (SDK) for The Observer XT?
How do I record audio with my video when using a FireWire camera and The Observer?
How much external (e.g. physiological) data can I import in The Observer XT?
How much observational or behavioral data (event log lines) can The Observer XT handle?
How to code 2 videos in The Observer XT that were not recorded at the same time and technically need to be spliced (but would like to avoid splicing if possible)?
How to export from The Observer XT to Theme?
How to import external data so I do not have to manually recreate it myself in The Observer XT.
How to set the observation start time (begin time) in Observer XT version 7
I am trying to install the PocketObserver 2 from a copy I made of the installation on a USB stick or hard disk. However, the installation does not work.
I am using Observer XT with Camtasia as external application. Whenever I finish an observation and immediately start a new observation, Camtasia is out of sync. with The Observer. How can I solve this?
I am using Pocket Observer 2.1 and Observer XT 8. Whenever I try to transfer a configuration to the Workabout I am always confronted with the message "Could not open file on the Pocket PC". What is going on?
I am using The Observer XT 7. Yet I am not able to transfer my configuration to the workabout due to the following message: Not a valid The Observer 5/Pocket Observer 2 configuration (Id 10438). What is wrong?
I am using The Observer XT. Problem is that the response time of the video controls is very slow.
I am using Tobii studio 1.1 and at startup it asks for a license key.
I am using Tobii Studio 1.1 and at startup it asks for a license key.
I am using Tobii studio 1.1 and at startup it asks for a license key.
I cannot add more media files to my observation or I loose external data files.
I cannot establish communication between my PC and my handheld computer. How can I install Pocket Observer on my handheld?