The Observer

Is there any way I can instruct The Observer XT to pause the video by pressing a single key on the keyboard? There is a shortcut for that (Ctrl+Space) but a single key would be more convenient.
Is there any way to select which observations you want the results on?
Lag sequential analysis gets stuck. Error message: system is too low on virtual memory
Live coding with external video is not working with VGA hardware connections. I can see the Preview fine but when I start the actual observation there is no video in the Monitor window.
Most playback speeds do not seem to work correctly with Windows 2000 SP2. Note that The Observer XT (and higher) does not support Windows 2000.
MPEG2 files won't play in The Observer.
My analysis in The Observer XT stops at about 25%
My mobile device camera is giving a distorted picture while wireless, but good quality when connected with a cable.
My numeric independent variable values are showing up like this in my reports 1...50
My shuttle-pro software for my jog-shuttle device stopped working on my new computer
My uLog data is not saved
My videos are not synchronized when I use a combination of a FireWire camera and a USB camera
My whole coding scheme says "read only" and I can only activate/deactivate codes. How can come back to normal and be able to delete codes?
Not all my observations are in the Elementary Statistics Report.
Observations grouped first by DRUG and then by DOSE, but grouping is not correct
Recording suddenly stops after approx. 8/9 minutes
Reliability or lag sequential analysis with multiple event logs per observations gives invalid reslts.
What are the limitations of The Observer XT? Can I really code 250x250x250 subjects, behaviors and modifiers and 40 independant variables?
What version of Excel can read my Excel export from The Observer XT 7.0?
When I edit an event log I get keycodes instead of behaviors appearing.
When I export by Observer XT 7.0 data in Excel format and open the file in Office 2007 (Excel 2007), I get an error message that it is a different format than the file extension.
When I load a movie into The Observer XT 7.0, it loads into an external monitor window called ActiveMovie and it will not stay on top so I can code and see my video at the same time.
When I run Reliability Analysis the output is not being displayed on my monitor. What is wrong?
When I try to import observational data entered by hand into The Observer I appear to have made a correct import profile, but all the time stamps are grey and strange values.
When I try to play a WMV file in The Observer XT I cannot jump to another position in the media file.