The time information in my video is wrong

If the duration of your video file is incorrect, this may be because the Media Recorder has not recorded all frames. This means that the duration reported by The Observer, Windows Media Player etc (and the actual time it play for) is shorter than the recording time. The only way to test for this is to record a video clip of known length, e.g. a video of a digital clock running on your computer screen.

This problem may be caused by the performance of your computer. To improve the performance, there are several options:

  • Go to the BIOS by pressing the F2 during startup of your computer. Click Performance and disable certain power saving options like C-States Control (Dell PrecisionTM T3500 workstation), SpeedStep (Dell PrecisionTM M4500 Laptop), PowerNow! (AMD processor), Cool’n’Quiet (AMD processors), or PowerSaver (VIA processors).
  • For older (pre 2011) systems the Aero Themes for your Windows Desktop background require a lot from your computer’s processor. To improve the performance of your computer, open the Control Panel, select Personalization and select the theme Windows 7 Basic. For more recent systems, the recommendation is to use the Aero theme as that will give equal or better performance and in some cases better stability. Turning the Windows transparency off may still help performance.
  • Close programs running in the background.
  • Use a good quality quad-core workstation such as the Dell Precision T3500, with at least 4 MB of memory and Windows 7 (32 bit).

You can also try reducing the frame rate or resolution of the video that you create, or reduce the number of cameras that you record from simultaneously.

You can contact Noldus support for advice on how many cameras of a given type can be used with the Media recorder (for the cameras and computers that Noldus sells).

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